3 weeks into the journey…

21 Jan

I think it’s about time that I wrote a quick status update about how things are progressing on my journey to lose weight and to get into shape. The weight is certainly disappearing. In spite of my promising not to obsess over the scale, I’ve been so pleased with all of the small yet noticeable physical changes that I can help sneaking a peek at the scale to confirm if what my eyes are telling me is actually true. I am determined however to make sure that the “official” weigh-in doesn’t occur until the end of January, when I plan to take a whole bunch of measurements and take my fitness tests again to compare against the numbers I got at the start of this month. When I’ve done all of that, I’ll take some photos add them for a side-by-side comparison to the Fitness Progress page.

Oh, and about those noticeable changes. My lovely wife told me a couple of days ago that my mother had commented that I was starting to look like I was slimming down a little, and I had a comment from a lady that I had an appointment with who said something similar to me today. Maybe those abdominal exercises I’ve been doing to tighten my transversus are starting to pay off! I’m definitely standing a little straighter, my belly seems a little flatter, and apparently my waist is starting to “appear”. I guess that gradual changes don’t seem to make as big an impact as when you haven’t looked for a while, so I probably won’t really see it for myself until I take the next set of photos.

I’ll admit to being a little naughty when it comes to exercise this week. I’ve put off my workout a couple of times so I only did a single short workout once in the past week. That’s entirely on me, partly because I’ve been spending far too much time standing in front of my PC looking into stuff to research for my blog articles and other stuff I’ve found interesting along the way, and partly because I’ve not followed the advice I’m so quick to dish out to others by not reminding myself daily of my reasons for starting this journey in the first place. I’ve got no excuse really, and I don’t have time for feelings of guilt or regret because they don’t do any good and it won’t change the week that’s past. Instead, I’ll own up to it. It’s my own fault I’ve not kept up with the exercise and I will do better from now on.

I’m learning there is a lot of power in the phrase “I will”. One thing that I have been practising over the last few months has been to swap out all of the “wants”, “shoulds” & “maybes” that can make it so easy to avoid committing to a course of action, and to replace them with a more definite “WILL”. None of my goals will ever truly be achieved if I say I can do them, but you can bet I’ll do everything in my power to achieve my goals when I say I will  do them, because I don’t like liars and I refuse to allow myself to say something that could end up making a liar out of me, even if the statement made is only to myself. So my new saying is:

“There’s no such thing as want-power, can-power, or maybe-power. There is only WILL-power”.

You can quote me on that. I won’t charge you a thing!  😛

While the exercise side of things has been pretty poor, sticking to the newly revised and totally cleaned up diet has been SO much better. I’m reminded of when I was a teenager though, when my health was really good and my metabolism was on overdrive. It kind of feels that way now, and at the end of this 3rd week, it feels like I am eating non-stop. I can have a huge meal, and an hour or two later I’m feeling hungry again. I’m loading up on the protein, drinking about 4 litres of water per day, eating lots of vegetables and trying not to overdo it with the fruit – both to avoid an insulin spike and having to deal with the aftermath of getting too much fibre – and yet I still feel like eating nearly all the time!!!

Thinking back to when I was a kid, I remember that my parents had this house with a pantry where I could walk in, turn on the light, and literally close the door and spend as long as I liked picking through the shelves eating whatever crap took my fancy. If my mum started to wonder where I’d got to, she’d look in the pantry first because chances are I’d be there! Fast forward 30 years, replace the crap with good wholesome foods, and minus the walk-in food room, and you’ll have some idea of how things have been around here these past few days. I can’t think of what it is that has triggered this sudden change. I’ve been eating nice generous meals, and I’m not putting on weight, I’m losing it. The only change between this week and last is that I’ve not eaten any fish and I’ve not had as many bananas, so either I’m craving something – and if I’m “pregnant” I’ll laugh myself silly 😛 – or perhaps my metabolism has been once again kicked into overdrive. Well, whatever it is, I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

On the plus side for the diet, I’ve had ongoing insomnia for most of my life and I could probably count the number of times I slept a whole night through on my fingers, wo when I do sleep a night through without waking, it’s a bit of an event for me. My sleep is still a little up and down, but in the past month I’ve managed to avoid waking in the middle of the night at least 3 times. I’m sure this will improve as my exercise does and I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but it’s nice to be able to sleep properly for a change. I can’t really complain though. I’ve been feeling better rested these past couple of weeks than I have in a very long while.

The other really cool thing is that I feel much more positive mentally, even though I’ve had a couple of other personal ups and downs. I’m feeling so good that I’ve decided it’s time to wean myself off the anxiety meds I’ve been taking. This will take me about 3 weeks, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always hated taking medicines, ever since I was a youngster. I don’t even enjoy taking a painkiller when my pack is sore, so it’s no surprise I’d jump at my first chance to get off any other meds. I keep reminding myself that I need to change things in my life slowly. One step at a time will ensure I guarantee my success. In this case however, it feels like it’s the right time to do it. What’s the worst that can happen? If I find myself feeling anxious, I can always start the meds up again, but something tells me that this isn’t going to happen. I’ll be sure to post a follow up once I’m off, and again in a month or two just to indicate that it’s been a success.

Things are looking bright. I keep telling my wife that this feels like it’s going to be “our year”, that good things are about to happen and that we should be ready to embrace all of the wonderful opportunities that await us. I believe this to my core and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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