4 weeks = MASSIVE improvement

28 Jan

It’s officially day 28 of both this blog, the new year, and the documenting of my self improvement journey. While I’ve planned to do all of my tests and measurements in a couple of days time, I decided that 3 days won’t make much of a difference to photos, so I took my second set of progress photos today. Yeah, OK, so I was all excited about seeing the changes for myself and I took the photos as soon as I got out of bed this morning, with pillow hair and rumpled looking and all of that. Look past that though and see the differences between the two photo sets.

The improvement after only 4 weeks has really blown me away. You can see this for yourself if you take a sneak peek at my Fitness Progress page (which can also be found when you hover your mouse over my “Who is this guy?” link at the top of this page, and click on the Fitness Progress menu item that appears). Considering how little serious effort I’ve made in terms of exercise, the changes have been astonishing. When I say that I’ve worked my butt off in the past trying to lose weight, including trying to fix diet as well as hard exercise, I’m not kidding that the effort was seriously put in and yet was ultimately wasted because I’d make such little gain physically, always retaining too much body fat even though I wasn’t eating sweets or any other junk food, sticking to the healthy food pyramid/plate ideal and clearly ending up with too many carbs, even though I thought I’d cut all of the crap out.

I think however that my little life experiment over the last 4 weeks has proven just how effective getting the diet right is, and that not only is diet everything when it comes to sustainable loss of excess body fat/weight, but it really is about avoiding processed foods, and in particular anything containing cane sugar and cereal grains. While I am certainly eating more fruit and vegetables these days, I’ve also become a little paranoid about food additives and the ingredients listed on the labels. So much so that if I even suspect a product is harbouring any sugar or grain product in it, it instantly gets written off as junk food.

This is a course of action that is seriously working for me where nothing else ever has before, and while I’ve never been particularly obese, I’ve long struggled to keep my weight in check over such a long time, that it’s a huge relief to be able to simply relax and not obsess over things, and find the improvements occurring naturally, without any serious intervention on my part. Even better, I’ve been eating cake and chocolate, but because it’s all made (by me) out of the same food that I’ve been eating anyway – and also because I haven’t been going crazy with it – I’m still getting a great result.

So I’ll do my tests in a couple of days as planned and I’ll update the info on my progress page as soon as they are done. I’ve also organised to get some blood tests done in a week or so to see how I’m handling sugars and cholesterols, and I’ll put up the results as soon as I get them. In the mean time, with my back feeling a lot better, I’ll be stepping it up with my fitness training and it will be interesting to see what effect will be when I take another set of photos next month.

As embarrassing as it feels to put my photos up here, I hope that I can use them as a real life example to show to others including my future clients. I want to be able to show that it isn’t all about hard work or trading the pain for the gain, or any of that other “tough love” stuff you hear so often. It’s about making a few small yet critical changes to your life, and reaping the rewards that will come simply from getting your head straight, focussing your priorities, eating the right diet as a habit rather than a quick fix, and from being just a little more active each day. But more than that it’s about making a choice for yourself, believing in the decision you’ve made and why you made it, and in believing in yourself enough to follow that decision through… permanently.

Seriously, I’m nobody particularly special or knowledgeable, and I don’t have all of the answers. I’m learning as I go, and I’ll continue to have failures and setbacks along the way. The thing is, if someone like me can personally achieve so much in such a short amount of time, then imagine how much more you will be able to achieve as part of your own personal life journey!


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