This is where I am going to list my goals for each year, starting with 2013 and hopefully I’ll still be blogging years later so that I can see which goals I achieved easily, which were a struggle, which were perhaps deferred, and those that might have been later re-prioritised or or changed as I learn new things about myself and the world around me. This will be an ever changing list, growing or shrinking as needs be, with items getting marked off as they are completed.

Last Updated: 28-Feb-2013

2013 Goals

Personal & Professional Development

  1.    Find a new job by 13-Feb-2013 28-Feb-2013 31-Mar-2013
  2. ✔ Be completely off my anti-Anxiety meds by 14-Feb-2013
  3.    Commence Personal Training Studies 04-Mar-2013
  4.    Graduate as a qualified Personal Trainer in September 2013
  5.    Register a Health & Fitness Business by 01-Jul-2013
  6.    Establish a series of Summer Fitness Courses to begin by 01-Nov-2013
  1. ✔ Use a standing desk to increase daily activity hours
  2. ✔ Establish a regular training schedule, starting 01-Feb-2013 and until further notice
    • Delayed for injury recovery
  3. ✔ Permanently change my diet permanently to be 90-95% Paleo
  4.    Reduce Triglyceride count to < 1.5 mmol/L by 01-Apr-2013
  5.    Reduce LDL cholesterol count to < 2.5 mmol/L by 01-Apr-2013
  6.    Increase HDL cholesterol count to > 1.0 mmol/L by 01-Apr-2013
  7.  Reduce my BMI to 22 by 01-Sep-2013
    • I no longer believe this an appropriate indicator of health
  8.    Reduce my body fat percentage to 18 by 01-May-2013
  9.    Complete the 3.8km (2.36 mi) Tan Track in under 20 minutes by 01-Apr-2013
  10. Achieve a Beep Test score of 8/0 by 01-Apr-2013  Superceded
  11. Achieve a 60 Second Pressup score of 30 by 01-Apr-2013  Superceded
  12. Achieve a Plank Test time of 3 minutes by 01-Apr-2013  Superceded
  13.   A resting heart rate of 56
  14.   18% body fat by 31 March 2013
  15.   16% body fat by 30 April 2013
  16.   0.85 Hip to Waist ratio by ASAP
  17.   0.45 Waist to Height ratio by ASAP
  18.   Perform 3 complete pull-ups in a row
  19.   30 push-ups in under a minute by 14 March 2013
  20.   40 push-ups in under a minute by 31 March 2013
  21.   4 minute wall sit by 31 March 2013
  22.   3 minute plank by 14 March 2013
  23.   4 minute plank by 31 March 2013
  24.   7/0 Beep Test on 02 March 2013
  25.   7/5 Beep Test by 31 March 2013
  26.   8/0 Beep Test by 30 April 2013
  27.   Run 3.8 km undulating course in 25 minutes by 31 March 2013
  28.   Run 3.8 km undulating course in 22 minutes by 31 May 2013
  29.   Run 3.8 km undulating course in 18 minutes by 31 July 2013
  30.   Dive continuously for 2 hours at 10 meters on a 14 litre tank of air by 31-Jan-2014.
  31.   Design an effective, flexible and randomised training program for minimal equipment to be implemented by 01 April 2013

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