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Day 30 update = ???

30 Jan

Between the workout I did yesterday, and this evenings fitness tests (Yeah, I couldn’t wait and did it all a day early), my arms and legs are seriously totalled! The effort was entirely worth it though, because now that my numbers are all in, sorted, added up, calculated, and compared, I can now say that operation “Bring my sexy back” has started to get some real results! 😛

My main plan for this month was to make 3 specific changes to my lifestyle:

  1. Drink a nutritionally appropriate amount of water
    • Pace myself and spread it out throughout the day
  2. Change my diet to be nutritionally sound, and simple to follow
    • Go “cold turkey” on the “no” foods, and be strictly Paleo
  3. Do something daily to keep my heart rate slightly elevated
    • Rockin’ the standing desk

Now none of these were actual goals because they aren’t specific enough, so they were more like strategies to attempt to effect permanent changes in my life without making those changes too large or impossible to achieve.

Yes, diet and standing around for hours each day has been responsible for the the results I’ve seen. I’ve had only 3 decent workouts this month so my activity levels have been a lot lower than I’d originally planned, but this has turned out to be a very good thing because it showed me just how effective the little lifestyle changes have been. This has really reinforced my belief that you don’t get great results by jumping into the deep end and trying to do the impossibly difficult things all at once. That’s how I approached things in the past and it never worked out. You get great results from the sum of all of the achievable little things that you do to make positive changes in yourself.

Ok, so I’ve given you lot’s of talk about how great my first month results are, so here they are straight from my little tracking spreadsheet:


Compared to the previous measurements:

  • 7cm (2.8in) off the hip
  • 11.5cm (4.5in) off the waist
  • 3.3kg (7.3lb) overall weight loss
  • 5% body fat reduction (Based on caliper measurements)
  • Waist to Hip ratio is now “Good” (was in the “Unacceptable-Average” range)
  • Waist to Height ratio is now OK as it is below 0.5 (was in the Increase Risk range)

Of course, all of that stuff is just numbers. The real evidence is in the photos I took recently, and in the results of my fitness tests:

  • Fractional improvement in resting heart rate
  • 3 extra push-ups takes me from below average to average
  • Increase plank by 21 seconds indicating a stronger core
  • Extra 5 shuttles (100 m) in the beep test, indicating aerobic improvement

Now, if an ordinary guy like me can do all of that in 30 days without really trying, just think about how much more YOU will achieve if you make a few simple yet effective and permanent changes to improve your own health and fitness!


Let the testing begin!

5 Jan

The last couple of days have been seriously hot. 41ÂșC yesterday and 38ÂșC the day before, which has slightly hindered my plans to do the first round of my fitness testing. Hopefully the Australian summer will soon give me a few cooler days so that I can do the Bleep Test I’ve been planning without killing myself in the heat.

I’ve decided to take 4 measurements relating to my fitness, and 3 for my general health.  I’m not really planning to obsess over the results, however I thought it would be good to track how my health and fitness changes over time to help me to assess how my training and diet are going, and to try to identify anything that may need improving over time.

To track my general health, I’ll be looking at my weight, hip and waist measurements. With these 3 values and also my age and height, I can calculate a number of health related values, such as BMI, Hip to Waist Ratio, Waist to Height Ratio, VO2 Max, and an estimate of my Body fat Percentage.

As a guide to my fitness, I’ve decided to use the following:

  • 60 Second Press Up Test – to track upper body strength
  • A timed Plank – to track core strength
  • 20 meter Shuttle Run (Beep/Bleep Test) – to track aerobic fitness
  • Resting heart rate – mostly out of curiosity, but also to help me gauge if my SCUBA air time will be likely to increase.

So in spite of the hot weather creating difficulties, I’ve gone ahead with every measurement and test I wanted to do, except for the Beep Test which I hope to knock over tomorrow morning if I can convince a helper to meet up with me early in the morning. In the meantime, here are the inaugural measurements of my Bod in it’s present and less than perfectly fit state:


For better or worse this is my starting point. Clearly I am overweight with an increased risk of heart disease which I am going to want to do something about. The good news is that I’m not really as unfit as I thought I was. Sure I’m not going to complete any half-marathons today, but that’s something I know I can work on. The really pleasing result was to see my resting heart rate so low, which is a good place to start in terms of my cardio health, and which I plan to improve as I build up my strength and stamina over the coming months. I know that my core is shot, but it’s not all as bad as I thought and can only get better.

I’ll post updated test results and photos in at least a month or two, once I’m in the full swing of things.



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