Who IS this guy?!!

In short, I am a middle-aged male who has led a largely sedentary lifestyle for most of the past 20 years. Over that time, I put on a large amount of weight, lost much of it, and then regained some of it again.  I have been through upheavals in my life, such as the loss of family members (2 nieces, 1 nephew, 2 grandparents, and 1 cousin), a divorce and the subsequent loss of contact with my 2 sons, workplace problems which led to stress induced anxiety and depression, as well as a number of other incidents which I have found to be difficult periods in my life. In many ways, I believe that am not so different from the average person likely to be reading this blog, and I suspect that if you have found me here you are searching for help, information and inspiration to complete your own life-changing journey, so I hope that the articles I publish here will serve to inspire you to achieve your goals no matter how lofty they might be.

This blog documents my personal journey to lose weight, improve my health and fitness, and to becoming a Master Personal Trainer by September 2013.  I’m sure that my journey will continue long after I reach all of my goals, and as my journey changes from getting fit to promoting fitness, I will continue to document my journey as it grows and changes over time. I hope that in a way, I will be paying forward to others the help love and support that I have received when I have needed it, and if anything in this blog benefits you personally, I hope you will also feel inspired to pay it forward.



10 Responses to “Who IS this guy?!!”

  1. Marcella Rousseau 6 January 2013 at 05:51 #

    Congratulations, and welcome into the circle of those who choose fitness and health over a sedentary lifestyle!

    • Sean Robins 7 January 2013 at 13:57 #

      Hi Marcella, and thank you for saying hello. 🙂

  2. Christie 19 January 2013 at 06:01 #

    How on earth did I not realize that I wasn’t following your blog earlier!?

    Looks like I have a weekend of reading to catch up on 🙂

    Good luck on the 2013 Master trainer, If I could give you the certification I would. You have been so encouraging along my journey thus far!

    • Sean Robins 19 January 2013 at 07:38 #

      Thanks Christie. 🙂

      I start the course in March and I’m seriously excited about starting it. I hope you enjoy what you read and that you find a nugget of inspiration every now and then. And my wish for the both of us is that by the end of this year, we both have a “success story” to tell. 😉

  3. Rosa Robins 27 February 2013 at 21:46 #

    March is almost here 🙂 – All the very best with your new and exciting venture – YOU CAN DO IT! your cousin Karen and her fiance Paul took a great leap and they are living their dream and blogging too – might be interested in reading their blogs to inspire you further XXX they sort of are on the same ‘page’ as you


    • Sean Robins 27 February 2013 at 22:03 #

      I’m waaay ahead of you… I subscribed about a month ago! 😛

      I seriously can’t wait for my course to kick off. Only 5 more sleeps to go until I start my first session and officially get the first steps of my new career under way. The suspense and build up is even bigger than waiting for Christmas! LOL

  4. Karen 5 March 2013 at 23:21 #

    Hey Sean. What an exciting journey. I’m so happy you’re sharing it with us. Hope your training course goes fantastically well! off to read some of your posts 🙂

    • Sean Robins 6 March 2013 at 00:13 #

      Hey Karen. Thanks for stopping by and seeing hello. 🙂

  5. asterisk 25 March 2013 at 18:34 #

    Good luck! Kim*


    • Sean Robins 25 March 2013 at 22:01 #

      Thanks Kim, and all the best with your journey also. 🙂

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